Jacq Cronin Artist


Dreaming, drawing, painting and creating has been my life from my earliest childhood memory.
Jacq Cronin (me) is an Australian artist, exhibited all over Brisbane.

My real-world creative achievements have led me through 15+ years in the business of creativity. From humble beginnings as a Graphic designer long ago. In 2018 I adjusted my path from Marketing manager in a corporate environment to full time artist.

After having two girls and a step son at home, a very supportive husband who’s my number one fan, this has been my time to get working on my style and find my feet, take myself serious with my lifelong destiny.

A lover of colour, applying my passionate soul through Acrylic Paint, Artisan Homewares and fun Jewellery. Inspired by my Central American heritage, Latin American Folklore in particular.

I’m an intuitive being and LOVE colour! I love to take something raw and breathe life into it.

Trigger all your senses as you look through my work.

Awards jacq cronin artist


Finalist - Rotary Art spectacular 2019
Finalist - The Morris Art Prize 2018
Finalist - Brisbane Rotary Art Spectacular 2018
Finalist - MELT Portrait Art Prize 2018


Solo exhibition - Bardon Thyme 2020
Displaying - Cafe on Cusack 2022


Archibald- The Maryborough Mural Project 


Current collab with Mia Ceramics - view pieces

I'm more than happy to talk collaborations: jaquimoran@gmail.com


Feel free to have a chat: jaquimoran@gmail.com